General Counsel Designed For Small Business


Our fees are made with our clients in mind. Our goal is create safe environment for the attorney client relationship, with certainty and comfort in the both the counsel and financial aspects of our relationship. Our job, as we see it, is to help our clients plan and run their businesses, to solve problems as inexpensively and as safely as possible, and to help clients learn what strategies work for their businesses and Why.

For this reason we exclusively use flat rates for general counsel representations. There are no “extras” or open-ended billings such as hourly charges. In our experience, the distance between lawyer and client increases in direct proportion to the uncertainty the client feels about legal fees. Flat rates align the goals of client and lawyer, and place our focus on results and not on time. Our goal is to help your business thrive through a long-term relationship. We offer general counsel in three standard plans based on your needs, as well as more customized solutions when needed. There is no charge for our first meeting or phone consultation.


Small Business General Counsel


General counsel is our primary mode of serving our clients’ needs. As your lawyer we provide comprehensive advice and strategy to manage legal risk and control outcomes. We love to work with our clients in this fashion because it allows us to work with you regularly and know your business better. This helps us identify problem areas, understand your goals, and vigilantly construct and execute strategies to help you reach them.

General counsel offers excellent legal service and comprehensive counsel coupled with the flexibility that small businesses need. We provide our services in flat rate tiers based upon annual legal needs. The flat rate is then divided into even, monthly installments providing clarity and certainty to a small business’ budget. We believe legal services are an investment, not an expense, and should help a business secure its future in every way possible, including the cost. Our service tiers are:


  • 24 Annual Hours of Service


  • 32 Annual Hours of Service


  • 48 Annual Hours of Service



Counsel As Needed/Single Matters


Counsel As Needed is designed for small businesses that without regular legal needs or those unsure about beginning a long-term relationship. While we prefer long relationships with our clients, we’re happy to work these businesses too, and we’re confident that if you work with us once you’ll be back. The goal of our Counsel As Needed plan is to keep your business safe in the numerous dealings you undertake, as you need and on your terms. Any and all of our Services can be provided through our Counsel As Needed plan.

The flat rate for a Counsel As Needed service varies depending on the nature of the project. We would love to discuss your needs with you today.

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Small Business Start Up Advisor


We have helped many small start-ups get off the ground. This plan is designed to help very small businesses get the proper legal foundation and have an advisor to assist them along the way keeping the business safe through the various transactions it faces.

For qualifying very small start-ups our initial retainer is $1500 payable in six equal monthly installments of $250 each; in addition, after the initial retainer is paid, each business pays $85 each month to continue to retain our services.


Services Provided


We provide our Counsel As Needed and General Counsel Services in three categories: governance, contracts, and counsel. Our governance services focus on creating and maintaining a legal framework for your business to run efficiently. Contract services center on crafting agreements to control outcomes and achieve the results you want in your deals. As counselors we create strategies to keep you safe from risk and overcome the legal challenges facing your business, and present these in clear understandable ways.

We do not handle real estate closings or intellectual property registrations, but will advise you about these matters and will be happy to make referrals.