Small Business Lawyer Services

A small business is a labor of love and an opportunity to pursue your passion and vision on your terms. Our passion is to protect your vision and help you achieve your goals. As small business lawyers our services are extremely comprehensive as we assist businesses in a wide range of legal issues. These generally can be grouped into three areas: formation, contracts, and counsel.

Formation Contracts Counsel
The Basic Idea: We create the legal framework and plan for your business to run efficiently today and in the future The Basic Idea: No cookie cutter contracts or templates; every contract is UNIQUE to the client, the risks you face, and your desired outcome The Basic Idea: We develop comprehensive strategies to overcome whatever challenge you face, and make sure that they’re presented in a clear understandable way
Guidance for selecting the proper entity structure for your goals and formation of that entity Preparation of your initial, standard agreements (for example, standard service agreement) Unlimited phone, email, and in person consultation to answer basic questions
Preparation of new or review of existing Company Formation Documents, including-Operating Agreements, Bylaws Basic contract review and analysis of “form” or recurring type contracts. Preparation of additional contracts Ongoing consultation and advice on non-litigation matters for a specified number of hours per year with no additional hourly fee.
Registered Agent Services, including receipt and forwarding of legal process Review, negotiation, and drafting of non-recurring contracts Workforce management assistance with employees and independent contractors including decisions regarding hiring, disciplining or terminating individual employees, and preparation or update of employee handbooks and policies.
Licensing assistance Contract negotiation assistance “Legal audits” to ensure that the policies designed to keep you safe are implemented properly
Comprehensive advisory memoranda to analyze legal risk and determine best course of action