On this page, each business should sign in separately to pay its separate bill. Multiple businesses need to sign in multiple times.

If you have a problem with this system, email Marcie and we will help.

If you wish to discontinue your retainer with us for any business, you may do so as described in your engagement letter, and you will owe no balance. Notify Chris in order to make this change by email, not Marcie.

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome. Our aim is, after all, perfection, and we, like you, will never get there. But we can always move closer.


Please do not use special characters, such as ampersands, and single or double quotes because they cause errors in processing.

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New Client:
(Small Business General Counsel)

Advisor - $450 monthly
Counsel - $550 monthly
Champion - $800 monthly

New Client:
(Very Small Business Advisor)
$1500 for first 6 months,
        then $85 / month thereafter
$250 per month for first 6 months,
        then $85 / month thereafter

Existing Client:

Enter monthly recurring amount:
$85 monthly
$255 quarterly
$510 every 6 months
$1,020 yearly

Single Matter & Non-Recurring Fees:
This option also can be used instead of, or in addition to one of the options above.

Single Matter: If you are retaining us for a single matter (such as the preparation of a single contract or estate planning) rather than an ongoing representative, please enter the amount of the retainer below.

SCC Fees: $105.40. 90% of the time the fee to record a new company with the SCC is $100, but sometimes the costs will be more or less than $100. An additional $2.40 goes to the SCC's payment processor, and $3.00 goes to ours. Please enter the correct amount for the payment.


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